Speedy, Honest Residential Locksmith Service in Henderson, KY

When you call, we are ready to send over a qualified and experienced locksmith to your residence to remedy the problem. Whether you experienced being locked out of your apartment or house, locked in your bedroom, locked out of a safe or locker, if you have an emergency with a broken key in the lock, or if you are working on new construction installations then T & A Locksmith is here for you 24 hours a day. We hold ourselves to a reputable standard assuring the security of your house or apartment. We do our best to try and ensure that you are protected from break-ins and that your whole family is safe in your home. Our fair prices rival anyone in Henderson, KY. T & A Locksmith understands that when requesting emergency service it is often under stressful circumstances. A locksmith is here to perform an important service and provide a smooth transaction when unlocking your house.


The goal of a lock is to keep you and your items safe. New technology has allowed for countless modifications to the standard lock systems. Keep your home and everything it in safe with a fresh lock installation. Protect from theft with home security alarm systems and even go high-tech with a digital keypad. Change the code as frequently as you need. Perfect for Airbnb hosts and secondary homes. T & A Locksmith carries a wide variety of high-security locks and deadbolts. See our website for a full range of items or call us to discuss what options are best for your home.


Misplacing your keys and home lockouts can ruin anyone’s day. Panicking will solve nothing. However, the skills of T & A Locksmith technicians will get you back inside your home. If you or someone is locked out of a safe or a room then T & A Locksmith has the skills to free what might feel like being locked in chains. We work with many apartment landlords in the area and even a marshall that is appointed by the courts to ensure that there is zero damage to your property and that all services are performed in accordance with the law. A locksmith is ready to secure your safety anytime of day or night.



Don’t let that old lock develop rust due to poor weather. Did you have a cheap lock with a key spinning in the lock even from the first time you used it? No need to worry because T & A Locksmith is ready to fix the problem when you are dealing with broken keys and jammed locks anywhere in Henderson, KY. Our emergency service is both affordable and time-saving for anyone stuck with a key problem. Call T & A Locksmith and make an appointment with a locksmith that works with your schedule.



New construction and renovated homes need one final addition, a fresh lock installation. You can select from a fine selection of lever handles and door knobs for your new lock and door. We install keyless locks like Shabbat locks that use mechanic combination locks that do not use electricity but rather a code so that there is no longer a need to carry keys when you don’t want to. Combination Shabbos locks are available for anyone upon request. Make your home the place to live with T & A Locksmith services.


T & A Locksmith provides reputable locksmith services in Henderson, KY. We maintain friendly relationships with law enforcement and neighboring businesses. All products come with a 90 day warranty for labor and parts. Our business is properly licensed and insured under KY State law.