Commercial Locksmith Services in Henderson, KY

The answer to a successful business is consistency. Safeguard your property, employees and supplies with The Best and Most Trusted Locksmith for your commercial needs in Henderson, KY. Whether you are looking for security systems installation or repairing, key duplication or any door regulation items. Trust Commercial Locksmith Services by T & A Locksmith that understand the importance of business working all the time.


Keyholder responsibilities is something you entrust only to the most valued employees. A lot of thought goes into this. However, how much consideration and trust do you put into your locksmith? T & A Locksmith is here to help businesses in Henderson, KY. You can count on the spirit of honesty with T & A Locksmith Commercial Locksmith Services. We fortify the security of your commercial properties with high-security locks for guaranteed protection of your company’s valuables, information, and merchandise. We can take your security needs beyond locks and into the digital protection realm. Let’s plan a security system that frightens intruders not your employees.



T & A Locksmith goes way beyond just the front door. We do master system re-keying, keyless entry, and new door lock installations. Keep your information secure with file cabinet safe locks. High-security locks made of ultra-durable metals are a guaranteed way to keep your business safe. While keypad locks can eliminate key distribution costs and problems. OSHA law requires panic bars for rooms with multiple occupants; yes, we can install all of these.

  • Keypad Locks
  • High-Security Locks
  • Magnetic and Electronic Door Locks
  • Panic Bars
  • Door Closers


Call on T & A Locksmith team to provide secure locking mechanisms at all your businesses locations to keep your employees, supplies, and inventory safe from intruders, theft, and damage. If your business does not have a modern security system then you might be wasting money on insurance payments. Plus you could sleep better knowing you have the best protection on the ground. Call T & A Locksmith for the best solution for your company’s locksmith needs.


T & A Locksmith serves all Henderson, KY. Our Brooklyn location is here to serve your commercial locksmith needs 24/7 wherever you need us. We not only look forward to helping you out of jams but for future relationships long down the line. T & A Locksmith believes in well-founded relationships of trust between us, our clients, and the community. Our low turnover and friendly service last the test of time with our clients and their businesses.



Keys have a tendency to get lost even in the right hands. If an employee of yours is not able to begin work then customers might be lining up outside the doors and many will soon start to walk away. Don’t let this happen. We are here in the wee hours of the morning to get your jammed shutters open and all the other various ways that will help you open for business any day of the year. Call us for emergency commercial lockout situations. Our emergency services are available day or night for any work-related lock hazards you may encounter, such as cylinder changes or re-keying due to employee changes or attempted breakings.